Concrete Barrier/Block Sales & Hire

Our precast concrete barriers/blocks are the perfect solution to aid in the protection of your land and buildings against unauthorised access.  They are also suitable for a variety of other uses including:

  • site boundary protection (reducing the risk of travellers and fly-tipping)
  • site traffic management for events, exhibitions and festivals
  • parking management
  • creating a safer workplace for your workforce (e.g. our Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) are suitable for highways use)
  • ram raid protection and hostile vehicle mitigation (against terrorist attacks)
  • ballast weights (e.g. for marquees, stages and scaffolding)
  • counterweights and kentledge
  • constructing material storage bays, retaining walls, flood defences (Lego blocks)

With our rough terrain truck mounted forklifts, we are able to get them positioned right where you need them to be most effective.  Backed up by our 24/7 nationwide transport coverage, we are able to respond quickly to your concrete barrier/block requirements and at a competitive price.  As a leading concrete barrier/block supplier, we care about getting things right first time, every time.  You can therefore be assured of a hassle free and professional service.

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs)

Option 1 - Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs)

Our biggest barrier, complete with barrier interlocking system (these can be bolted together if ground conditions allow).  Manufactured to an established design, as used by Local Authorities and Traffic Management companies for highway use.  Weight and size; 2.5 tonnes. 3m long, 0.8m high, 0.45m deep.

Tall Barrier

Option 2 - Tall Barrier

Our tallest barrier, complete with fork lift truck slots.  Weight and size; 2 tonnes. 2.5m long, 0.9m high, 0.71m deep.

Jersey Barrier

Option 3 - Jersey Barrier

Complete with barrier interlocking system and fork lift truck slots.  Weight and size; 1.45 tonnes. 2.5m long, 0.81m high, 0.61m deep.

Security/Ballast Block

Option 4 - Security/Ballast Block

Complete with fork lift truck slots through 2/3 of the base. Weight and size; 2 tonnes. 1.225m long, 0.75m high, 0.99m deep.

Lego Block

Option 5 - Lego Block

These are good value blocks that can be used for site boundary protection or as part of a material storage bay, retaining wall, flood defence etc.  Our Lego blocks are available in a wide range of different sizes (available upon request).  The two most popular sizes are;

2.4 tonnes weight; 1.6m long, 0.8m high, 0.8m deep.
(As shown in the image)
1.2 tonnes weight; 0.8m long, 0.8m high, 0.8m deep.
(This size is also very popular as part of a hoarding system)

Other sizes available upon request.

Barrier Gate

Option 6 - Barrier Gate

To go alongside any of the above concrete barriers/blocks, whilst still receiving the protection and security from them, we also offer a 3.5m wide steel gate.  This provides you with more flexibility and will help you to easily gain access to your site.

Marquee & Temporary Structure Weights (500kg & 1000kg)

Option 7 - Marquee & Temporary Structure Weights (500kg & 1000kg)

Versatile concrete blocks used for securing Marquees and Temporary Structures on hard ground conditions that cannot be staked. Improves site safety by removing any trip hazards caused by guy lines. Our concrete blocks are available in two different sizes:

500kg weight; 1000mm long x 550mm deep x 400mm high
1000kg weight; 1000mm long x 750mm deep x 750mm high

Plain white PVC covers, ratchets, straps and a pump truck may be available upon request.

Kentledge Scaffold Block

Option 8 - Kentledge Scaffold Block

Specifically designed for use by the scaffolding industry.  Three 30mm lifting loops are incorporated into the scaffold ballast block and these can house a horizontal scaffold tube, if required. Weight and size; 1.15 tonnes. 1m wide, 0.5m high, 1m deep.

Combo Blocks

Option 9 - Combo Blocks

Our Combo Blocks (are a smaller variation of the above Lego Block) and can be used as part of a material storage bay or a hoarding system etc. Being smaller in size than our more traditional Lego Blocks, they can be installed and later repositioned (if required), without the need for more substantial lifting equipment.  The two most popular sizes are;

750kg weight; 1.2m long, 0.45m high, 0.6m deep.
(As shown in the image. The 750kg block is also very popular as part of a hoarding system)
375kg weight; 0.6m long, 0.45m high, 0.6m deep.

Other sizes available upon request.

Pyramid Vehicle Restraint Barrier

Option 10 - Pyramid Vehicle Restraint Barrier

An innovative design comprising three pyramid shaped teeth and complete with barrier interlocking system. This barrier is suitable for use as hostile vehicle mitigation and protecting vital infrastructure.  Weight and size; 2.5 tonnes.  2.7m long, 0.9m high, 0.9m deep.

Please note - this product is only available to purchase or for long term hire (6 months or longer)


Option 11 - Boulders

Our Yorkstone rock boulders are a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional concrete barriers.  With a less industrial appearance, they can sit sympathetically within the surrounding landscape, whilst still offering similar benefits to a typical concrete barrier.  Weight, shape and size may vary.  The image shown is indicative only.  Typically our boulders are around 1 tonne each in weight.

Other weights may be available upon request.

Temporary Fencing & Crowd Control Barrier Hire

Option 12 - Temporary Fencing & Crowd Control Barrier Hire

Available as a stand alone product or in conjunction with any concrete barrier/block hire.  These temporary fencing panels (often known as Heras) and crowd control barriers provide security for your property or event and are a deterrent against theft and vandalism.  They will also help towards meeting your Health and Safety duties - keeping unwanted visitors out and protected from site hazards.  We can also supply pedestrian or vehicle gates, if required.

Please note that only the TVCBs (option 1) are suitable for highways use.

We offer long or short term hire.  Just let us know if you wish to extend any hire period.  Rates are from £3 per week, plus delivery and collection with a truck mounted forklift.  If you wish to purchase rather than hire concrete barriers/blocks we can also meet your supply and delivery requirements across a wide range of different types.  Call us anytime for a quotation, or to find out more.

Important Info

Please contact us on our telephone number or e-mail address with any enquiries to hire or purchase our concrete barriers/blocks.
For urgent requests please note that our telephone line is available 24/7.

All major credit cards accepted.

For future business, you are welcome to apply for a credit account with AJP Logistics.  Please click here to download an application form.

Full UK Wide Coverage

AJP Logistics offers its concrete barrier/block hire and sale services throughout the United Kingdom including but not limited to: Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bolton, Warrington, Rochdale, Wigan, Preston, Birmingham, Coventry, Bedford, London, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Rugby, Oxford, Swindon, Bristol and Peterborough.

Having strategically located stocks of our concrete barriers/blocks available in several yards across the UK, we are able to offer a low cost nationwide delivery and installation service.  We aim to beat any other quotation, whilst still maintaining a consistently professional service.

Our increasing customer base, with many repeat customers (ranging from private landlords to security companies, large national retailers, music festivals and traffic management companies), demonstrates their confidence in our business.

Nationwide Service

Nationwide Service

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Product Weight
Site Traffic
Security Retaining
Kentledge /
TVCB 2.5 3.0 0.45 0.80
Tall Barrier 2.0 2.5 0.71 0.90
Jersey Barrier 1.45 2.5 0.61 0.81
Security/Ballast Block 2.0 1.225 0.99 0.75
Lego Block 2.4 1.6 0.80 0.80
Marquee (0.5t) 0.5 1.0 0.55 0.40
Marquee (1.0t) 1.0 1.0 0.75 0.75
Kentledge/Scaffold Block 1.15 1.0 1.00 0.50
Combo Blocks 0.75 1.2 0.6 0.45
Pyramid Vehicle Restraint Barrier 2.5 2.7 0.9 0.9
Rock Boulders 1.00 approx varies varies varies